I need to store a

How Much Space?

5x5 (Standard Closet)

Ideal for storing small furniture, like:

  • up to 20 medium size boxes
  • seasonal items
  • sporting/camping equipment
  • clothing
  • miscellaneous household or office items

5x10 (Large Walk-in Closet)

Can accommodate up to 40 medium size boxes or items found in a one bedroom or studio apartment, for example:

  • dining room set
  • couch
  • mattress set
  • boxes and miscellaneous items
  • perfect for outdoor patio furniture set or other seasonal items

10x10 (Standard Bedroom)

Store furnishings from a large one or two bedroom dwelling, such as:

  • washer/dryer set
  • large appliances
  • patio furniture
  • boxes and miscellaneous item

10x15 (Large Bedroom)

Great for storing items from multi-bedroom apartment
or 2-3 room small house, such as:

  • large appliances
  • multi-room furniture
  • garage item

10x20 (Single Car Garage)

Room to accommodate items from a 3 to 4 bedroom dwelling, for example:

  • large appliances
  • multi-room furnishings
  • washer/dryer
  • boxes
  • garage items
  • standard vehicle or boat

10x30 (Over-size Garage)

Room to accommodate furnishings from a 5 to 7 room dwelling, such as:

  • multi-room furnishings
  • large appliances
  • outdoor yard equipment and furniture
  • car, truck or boat plus some other item

NOTE: Illustrations and examples are for reference only. Unit sizes vary by location

Specific Storage Needs

Let us help you browse our storage options based on what you have.


Is your driveway cluttered 8 months out of the year with your summer-time RV or motor home? Let us store your RV and re-claim your driveway!

When storing your RV or motor home there are a lot of things to make sure you have in place. First would be proper shelter from the harmful elements of the weather. Therefore if you chose to store your RV or motor home outside at one of our facilities we suggest a complete cover or tarp that will protect your investment. An easier option however is storing your RV inside and away from the weather. A 10x30, 12x40 or 10x15 units are available depending on the length of your trailer. We also offer, at select location, temperature controlled units. These are convenient because you'll never have to hassle with winterizing you RV or motor home again!

Our RV and motor home storage has well-located docks and slips that make pulling in or storing you RV easy and simple! Call today to talk with one of our storage specialists and we'll find the perfect unit for your investment


Spokane is blessed with many lakes, rivers and waterfront to play in and on, however what do you do the other 7 months out of the year? Has your garage been the landing spot for your summer boat, is that boat trailers a real eye sore next to your house? Let us at Secure IT Self Storage help you and your family out! Store you boat trailer over the summer at one of our outdoor storage slips. Let Secure IT Self Storage store your boat over the winter in one of our temperature controlled units and never worry about winterizing again!

Our facilities are accessible everyday so if you get the urge to go fishing or out on the lake your boat can be picked up! We have 24 hour security and are conveniently located around Spokane. Our Wandermere facility in North Spokane is great of Pend Oreille Lake, Priest River, Spirit Lake or Long Lake, and our Barker complex in the Valley will meet the needs of Lake Coeur D'Alene, Liberty Lake or the Spokane River. The Cheney Complex is great for boats coming from Rock Lake, Sprague Lake or Long Lake! Our brand new complex in the Qualchan Valley is great for those boat owners who reside on the South Hill or for boat that frequent the Columbia River. We are everywhere that you need to be!

Secure IT Self Storage is your solution to regain back the side of your house, your garage or the street in front of your house! We'll keep your investment safe and secure


Storing a precious hot rod, family heirloom or just an extra vehicle is an important decision. Leaving a vehicle in the garage can cause unnecessary dings or dents from foot traffic and parking a car on the side of the house is just a nuisance. Store your car with us and let us take care of the work! Secure IT Self storage has outdoor slips available for trucks, hot rods, extra vehicles or just about anything with wheels! Outdoor slips are great of over sized or oddly shaped vehicles. For really valuable investments we suggest an indoor unit. Indoor units allow you to protect the paint of the car from harmful elements as well as insure that there is moisture control for the inner upholstery. Indoor units make fantastic mini-garages to escape to and work on a hot rod or muscle car in peace and quiet within our complex. You can store extra tires, tools or equipment neatly in a 10x10 or 10x20 unit depending on your needs, call our Storage Specialist today and we can fit you for the perfect unit.

For those who are really protective of their baby, store her in our covered, temperature controlled, 24-hour security, weather-proof units and she'll be nice and cozy! Call today and we'll help you find the perfect storage solutions.

2-3 bedroom house

Moving? Let us help you store your extra furniture, appliances, boxes and belongings. 2-3 bedrooms can add up quick and whether you are downsizing or moving across the country we have the storage space that's right for your needs. Our 10x15 or 10x20 units are perfect for multiple beds, appliances, boxes and mattress sets. You can access your unit 24 hours a day or night, whenever you need to! Call our storage specialists today and we'll access your storage needs and help you find the perfect unit! Our facilities are located all around Spokane, Spokane Valley and Cheney, we are sure to have one near you or your new home. Check out the storage locations tab for more information!

4 bedroom house

Whether you are moving across country or just need to store some belongings during a transition let Secure IT Self Storage help! Our 10x20 and 10x30 units are perfect for multiple mattress sets, a couple of couches, boxes, lamps, bookcases, whatever your family has accumulated, we can store it! Our storage units are also perfect for those realtors that stage houses and need a place in-between home sales for their fabulous furniture. Access your unit 24 hours a day for whatever you may need! Let a storage specialist at your nearest Secure IT Self Storage help, call us today!


Apartments are famous for being low on storage spaces, so rather than clutter up your nice spare second bedroom bring your storage needs to us! Apartment needs are much smaller and the average apartment dweller simply needs a 5x5 unit. Depending on your belongings, our specialists can help you find the smallest unit that will store you things until you need them again. Take back your guest bedroom so you can actually have guests! Reclaim you patio on summer nights and let us store you bikes, tents, and outdoor equipment over the winter!

Document storage

Two things one needs to consider when storing office documents security and safety. Let us help your office or home business reclaim your file room! Business can store boxes of past records, files and displays that are used once a year, large quantities or materials that aren't readily needed, etc.

Security: You can have separate access codes for each employee, you can know who accessed the complex and at what time and we can easily disable access codes of past employees and customers.

Safety: Our units are safe to the outside elements, we offer temperature controlled units that are well suited for exceptionally volatile documents such as maps, carbon copies, thin replicas, 3D displays, materials with low melting points, etc. Call our storage specialist today and we will assist you in finding the perfect storage spot for you.

Office furniture

Companies, on a whole, spend on average $10.5 billion a year on office furniture. These are quality oak cabinets whittled with the upmost attention to detail. Fine leather chairs that are ergonomically correct and they cast a pretty penny. When you office's equipment isn't in use don't leave it subject to the outdoor element of most sheds or building storage, "secure it!" with Secure IT Self-Storage! Bring the equipment your office isn't using to one of our locations and let us take care of the rest. No need to clutter up the extra cubicle or place it in the dungeon of a basement at your building and risk damage from a flood.  Call one of our storage specialists today for your office's needs.